Teaching children from 3 years through to Adults

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High quality dance training and coaching for exceptionally talented young dancers

The only local dance school to offer breakdancing lessons...

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Our correct Email address is: minetydance@aol.com


Welcome to Minety Dance Theatre School!

We are the UK’s premier Rural Theatre School and we strive to inspire the love of dance and theatre in students of all ages and abilities.

We believe that the primary motivation for the performing arts should be the love of the art, and our aim is to nurture that love and passion in our students.

We welcome students who want to participate for fun, and to build confidence & make friends; exams and performing are not compulsory.

For those students wishing to progress through the examination grades and take their training to a more serious level, we provide the highest standard of coaching to suport our students to excellence, and we provide loads of opportunies to perform at local shows, our own MDTS shows, and at festivals and competitions.

We are here to prove that you don’t have to go to London to find the best talent or to get the best training!

Updated News:

We will soon be adding more classes to our weekly timetable after the February half term, so please keep your eye out for more fun and exciting classes in the following weeks. Below please find our popular academy classes.

Dance Academy

If your child want’s to be part of the junior or youth academy it’s time for renewal, you have until the end of this week to get your space in because our first academy is this saturday! Letters were handed out before show, so to avoid dissapointment get your application forms in as soon as possible.

Once a month students will do singing, dance and drama and will learn about each of these subjects, students will get to do all three subjects and gain confidence too. The junior and youth academy’s have been a great success and students love being able to do these three subjects and learn and have fun all at the same time.

Just Dance Academy:

Our just dance academy is starting on the 24th October so get your application forms in as soon as possible to get your space in the academy. This is a once a month academy for older students who just want to focus on dancing, it is a two hour class and will consist of technical classes, ballet, jazz, commercial, contemporary, tap etc to help students gain even more from their dancing.